ENERGENIUS COGEA.I. for your co-generator

Energenius CoGe – Better regulate your cogenerator by forecasting consumption.

  • Reduce the cost

  • Energenius COGE identifies the ideal time setting to minimize the company's energy cost by up to 15%.
  • Predict consumption

  • Energenius COGE is able to predict the company's energy needs.
  • Leverage Big Data

    • cost of purchase / sale of energy (24h forecast)
    • forecasting of company needs
    • real performances of the implants
    • white certificates and others grants
European Data Incubator sostiene le startup e le nuove aziende specializzate nelle tecnologie Big Data

Awarded in Europe among the best 18 Data Analytics projects.

For more information call us at +39 0464 443355 or leave your contact details and you will be contacted.

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Grafici di analisi energetica eseguiti da Energenius
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